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The idea of ​​"the personal is political" comes from the second-wave feminism, implying that things on the individual level are affected by the structure of social power, and the autonomy of the related parties is thus restricted. The campaign aims to seek equal treatment, and expand the rights of women to speak.

Decades later, because of the present power structure and various misunderstandings, our society still has many myths, prejudices or even unfairnesses towards sexual identity, gender performance and sexual orientation.


The exhibition “Sex/Gender Reinterpretation”, together with 10 artists, will respond to the current situation with paintings, writings, videos, performance art, installation art and sculptures.  From the aspects of body and personality performance, social class, erotic space, religious belief to marriage right, the artists will once again interpret “sex/gender” through their artworks, and try to question or challenge the social regulations against body and sexuality.

Participating artists: Chan Cheuk Yan, Chan Sai Lok, Fung Ming Sum, Isaac Spellman, Lai Cing Yan Jennifer, Li Ka Man Florence, Magus@2M07, Nicole Pun, Wong Wan Yee Ann, Monique Yim

/  Exhibition Period      

   March 29-31, 2019

/  Opening Hours      

   15:00-21:00 (March 29)

   10:00-21:00 (March 30)

   10:00-18:00 (March 31)

/  Opening Reception

   March 29, 2019 at 19:00

/  Venue

   L1 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

/  Curator

   Fung Ming Sum

/  Organisers

   The Painting Studio

   Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival

/  Event Sponsors

   Sunpride FoundationPure Art Foundation

/  Venue Sponsor

   Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

/  Contact and Inquiry

   6044 8962 /

Promotional Materials
Artists' Statement
Monique Yim

Chan Cheuk Yan

Chan Cheuk Yan, Glo graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University, and currently lives in Hong Kong.  Glo’s artworks relate to her alienation from the world - she used to stay out of the crowd to observe, and to capture fragments from her daily life.   She made a lot of efforts in perceiving the world and then illustrating her understanding of it and her feelings through photography, videos and installations.

Chan Sai Lok

Chan Sai Lok is an artist, art critic and writer in Hong Kong.  Chan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, a Master of Fine Art degree, and subsequently a Master of Arts in gender studies, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  His versatile career covers fine art, creative writing, education, art criticism and gender studies.

Fung Ming Sum

Fung Ming Sum graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2015.  Before graduation, she had been involved in the LGBTQ movement, and documented the activities with photography; after that, she focuses on paintings and drawings.  Her works are mainly about her personal experiences, recording her struggles on self-identity and interpersonal relationships.

Isaac Spellman

Isaac Spellman graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2018.  He is currently living in Hong Kong, being an illustrator.  His artworks are influenced by the pop and witchcraft culture.  In his artworks, he tries to  transform his own aesthetics into modern beauty.

Lai Cing Yan, Jennifer

Lai Cing Yan, Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Photography) from RMIT University in 2018.  Being born and living in Hong Kong, her creative concept is based on the local social issues, and highlights the idea of “Art for Society’s Sake”.  She tries to arouse public’s awareness towards certain issues through her works, creating a space for the audience to think and reflect.

Li Ka Man, Florence

Li Ka Man, Florence completed her Master of Fine Art and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.  She was a dancer and currently works as an interior designer.  She uses her body as a medium to explore the relationship between body and space, and reflects the concept in photography, video, installation and performance art.


Magus received a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Photography) from RMIT University in 2018.  His works show his concern on homosexuality.  Through the persuasive power of photography and moving images, he tries to explore the similarity, instead of the difference, between the opposite ends of the sexuality spectrum, and illustrate the problems encountered by homos everyday lives.

Nicole Pun

Nicole Pun is a visual artist based in Hong Kong. She uses photography, video, performance to explore queer identity, desire and female representation.  She received a Bachelor of Social Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong; and a Master of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts in 2014.

Wong Wan Yee, Ann

Wong Wan Yee, Ann is currently studying at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University.  She uses different media to create, and her works are mainly about self-identity, gender and religion.  Compared with the narrativity of works, she pays more attention to the sentiments of them.  She believes that art can connect different people and, for such reason, she creates.

Artist_Monique Yim_2.jpg

Monique Yim

Monique Yim is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and curator, who engages in visual art performance, public art, community art and art direction.  Based in Hong Kong and worked internationally, she has presented her works and teachings in 30 cities worldwide.  Her “Queer Series” won the “Visual Art Performance Made in Public Space International Prize” that was awarded by Kassak Centre, Europe in 2018.

/  Live Performance of Monique Yim

    Queer Series No.14: Love Poem (2019)

    Performed on March 29 at 20:00

     // We used kisses to the self and kisses to the others

    respectively to compose love poems to each other. 

    The work addresses the struggling situations of homosexuals

    in the Chinese society, such as unbearable family and social

    pressures that they would face after coming out.  The

    pressures lead them to remain single or use contract marriage

    as their solutions. //

/  Live Performance of Li Ka Man, Florence

   Inhale Exhale (2017)

    Performed on March 30 and 31 at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00

     // I am aware of the sound and breathing rhythm of inhalation

    and exhalation while people are doing exercises.  In "Inhale

    Exhale", I use the noises as a metaphor for sexual activities.

    By exaggerating the sound of breathing and applying

    different pitches of voice, I shift the perception of audiences

    toward a normal exercise routine, and expand the

    meaning of stretching.


    'Inhale Exhale' is a solo performance, which suggests a

    person having sexual pleasure by his/ herself. //