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Art Jam Features

  • Self-guided drawing with various creative media

  • No age limit and no prior experience required

  • A studio of artists, with a 200-square-foot creative space, making it easy to handle artworks

  • Multiple professional frame sizes are available for selection, and the working equipment is fully equipped

The term "Jamming" originated from music and represents freedom, improvisation, and spontaneity.  A "Jamming session" for musicians refers to getting together with like-minded friends to play music improvisationally, while "Art Jamming" means creating art together spontaneously and freely.  


Art Jamming has no age or experience limitations.  Participants do not need to bring any tools; they just need to come to our studio, put on an apron, and choose the picture they want to paint to enjoy the fun of free painting.  During the participation period, our studio will provide users with the necessary art supplies and desks and chairs for their creative work.  As long as it does not affect others, users are free to arrange the items according to their needs.  Accompanied by soft music during the free creative time, one's mood will gradually relax without realizing it, and they can take a break from the hustle and bustle and busy life of their daily routine.  

Our studio aims to share art resources and space with the public, without extravagant decorations. Please understand and excuse the simplicity of our decor.


We also offer multiple different painting courses (including abstract painting course, acrylic paint technique course, drawing technique course, digital painting technique course, watercolour technique course, pastel technique course, marker technique course and zentangle course etc) and one-day art experience classes (including fluid painting, pastel art, Cloisonné painting, , aromatherapy candles, alcohol ink art, Zentangle, and different festive creative workshops) for people who are interested in further learning about Arts and developing their artworks under tutors' guidance.

Special offers:

[1] Enjoy 20% off while joining with another friend(s), and joining with two or more groups of parents and children.  

[2] From June to September, during summer holiday, joining with four or more participants (or four groups of parents and children) will qualify for an additional 10% discount.

Monday to Sunday 09:00-23:00

​3 hour per session/ $250 per person

​3 hour per session/ $350 per parent and child (including one adult and one child under 12 years old) 

Each session requires a minimum of 1 person and can accommodate up to 10 people (can reserve the whole venue for groups having 8 people or above).  Please make a reservation with us at least 1 day before the selected session and feel free to request other sizes of picture frames.  The basic fee covers one 30x40x0.3 cm canvas, three 8K drawing papers, or three 8K watercolour papers, as well as the use of acrylic paints, watercolours, poster colors, colour pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels, charcoals or sketch pencils, and beverages.  Studio equipment such as easels, brushes, palettes, water buckets, erasers, towels, aprons and other general stationery are available for borrowing.

Upgrade options: 

An additional 30.0 * 40.0 * 0.3 cm canvas (an additional $60)

Upgrade to a 30.0 * 40.0 * 1.6 cm canvas (free)

Upgrade to a 40.0 * 50.0 * 3.5 cm canvas frame (an additional HK$180)

Upgrade to a 50.0 * 50.0 * 1.6 cm canvas frame (an additional HK$120)

Upgrade to a 60.0 * 80.0 * 1.6 cm canvas frame (an additional HK$180)

Upgrade to a 60.0 * 80.0 * 3.5 cm canvas frame (an additional HK$300)

Upgrade to a 70.0 * 90.0 * 3.5 cm canvas frame (an additional HK$450)
Upgrade to a 20.0 * 20.0 * 1.6 cm circular canvas frame (an additional HK$30)
Extend art jamming time (an additional HK$60 per hour)

▉   Please take care of your personal belongings as The Painting Studio is not responsible for safekeeping.

▉   Participants may request the necessary tools from staff before the appointment.  Please cherish the tools and paint.

▉   Materials such as canvases and papers with bigger sizes, as well as special tools or equipment, may incur additional fees.

▉   Do not touch any other items outside of the designated workspace to avoid damage.  If necessary, please communicate with the staff.

▉   Please respect other users and our staffs.

▉   If the Hong Kong Observatory issues a red or black rainstorm warning signal, a typhoon signal no. 8 or above after 7:00 am, the appointments before noon will be cancelled.  If the above-mentioned weather warnings are issued after 11:00 am, appointments from noon onwards will be cancelled.  The cancelled appointments due to the above-mentioned severe weather warnings will be rescheduled.  All makeups require advance reservation and must be completed within four weeks of the cancellation date.

▉   In order not to affect other participants and classes, if you cannot arrive on time, your usage time will be automatically reduced.

▉   No makeup or refund will be arranged if you are absent from the event.

▉   If you need to leave your completed work in the studio to dry, please make an appointment to retrieve it within fourteen days.  Otherwise, the work will be considered abandoned and will become the property of the studio.

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