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  • Tailor-made

  • Provides proposals

  • Considers workability

  • Drafts notices

  • Arranges admissions

  • Arranges payments

  • Reminds participants

  • Promotes

We provide diverse customized art activities for different institutions, schools, and organizations, including exhibitions, workshops, and interest classes.  These activities aim to enhance group creativity, showcase creative achievements, celebrate special occasions, or improve group communication and collaboration skills.


We have extensive experience in organising such events.  Before the activities commence, we prepare detailed proposals according to the clients' needs to understand the content, process, and budget of the event.  During the activities, we document the proceedings for recording and sharing.


We also offer a special discount for group participants to alleviate clients' financial burden.  If you are interested or have a need to organise exhibitions, workshops, or interest classes, please contact us to discuss the details.

Multiple Art Projects and Courses

Discussing with schools and organisations about details of art projects or exhibitions to match the resources and the needs of students.

Innovative Ideas

Taking various art exhibitions as references. Meanwhile, teaching various painting techniques, history and theory to inspire students' creative potential; and through interactive practices, bringing interests of our new generation toward arts.

Comprehensive Administrative Supports

Reducing workload of schools and organisations by writing notices or event reports, arranging classroom details and communicating with parents.

Professional Art Team

Inviting visual arts graduates or artists as key members or tutors; and valuing relevant experience.

Past Exhibition and Project
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