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The Painting Studio  >  Photography Service  >  Artwork Shooting


  • Tries to master artwork details

  • Discusses about shooting requirements

  • Provides shooting and price suggestions

  • Arranges transportation

  • Prepares shooting venue and  equipments

Emphasis on creative ideas

Taking the artist's creative ideas and thoughts as the primary basis for shooting; and then highlighting works through shooting techniques.

Proper Arrangement of Artworks

Having a wide range of artistic knowledge and paying a great attention to status of art.  Handling and placing artwork in the right way.

Professional Photographic Equipments

Preparing professional full-frame digital single-lens reflex camera with more than 30 megapixels which is equipped with professional flash, photo studio soft light and white backdrops.

Serious Post-Production

Reproducing the true state of artwork, and trying to avoid problems such as chromatic aberration, distortion, and inaccuracy.

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