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The Painting Studio  >  Photography Service  >  Photo Retouching and Colorising

Restoring Memories

  • Attempts to recreate colors in the past

  • Helps remove yellow tones and reproduce natural colors

  • Discuss various changes with clients to get the best results

Removing Dust and Scratches

  • Digitises old photos to remove dust and scratches

  • Tries to maintain the integrity of photos

  • Keep pictures simple and clear

Highlighting People in Photos

  • Removes blur to shine

  • Sharpen faces to draw attentions

  • Improves structure of photos

  • Charges differently according to the difficulty of photo restoration

Flexible Charging Plans

Discussing with clients the degree of restoration, and charge according to the amount of work.  If clients are not satisfied with the restoration results, the rest of the payment other than the deposit will not be charged.

Adjust Repaired Parts for Free

After receiving the repaired images, clients can request to fine tune the repairs once to achieve a more ideal outcome.  However, before the free modification, the clients needs to pay the project fee in full.

Provide Photos and Digital Files

Providing clients with two 4R photos and digital files for sharing memories and photocopying.  At the same time, we provides high resolustion digitalization service to store, process, copy and transmit old photos.

Professional retouching

One-to-one restoration work by an experienced retoucher, careful study of the damaged location and restoration space of the photo.

* There are variables in the process and method of developing photos.  And the preservation status, damage degree and restoration targets of each old photos are also different.  As a result, the restoration cost and outcome of every photo is different.  If necessary, please contact us to inquire about the prices.

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