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  • Fixing defects on interior walls and woods

  • Removing existing paints and lime plastering

  • Putting on lime plastering

  • Applying emulsion paints on interior walls

  • Applying floor coats

  • Applying enamel finish on metals

  • Applying brushing finish on woods

  • Creating artistic coats on walls (featured walls)

Services include re-plastering, repainting, creating feature walls, wall murals, hand-painted door frames, and magnetic metal paint.  We can handle various wall or paint problems, such as peeling plaster, scratches, fine cracks, paint bubbles, mold or bacteria, paint chipping, obvious brush marks, powdering, drilling, paint tears, wrinkled paint surface, monotonous color, and more.

In addition to simply re-oiling, each small repair job (including repair and drying) takes at least three to four hours and can be completed over several days as needed.

Charges are based on project content and construction area, with a minimum charge of $1200.  For all orders exceeding $1800, a deposit of 30% of the total cost must be paid before the start of the project to prepare materials and tools.  Please feel free to inquire and make an appointment for on-site quotation.


Deal with different kinds of wall and paint problems

▉   For paint, we use Nippon Paint Odour-less 5-in-1 (Moisture-Proof) Interior Emulsion Paint (white colour) or Dulux Odourless Anti-mould 5in1 (white colour) by default. Choosing to use another brand or product, to use another colour, or to use more than one colour might affect the overall charges.

▉   For wall putty, we use Nippon Paint Odour-less Wall Putty, which is more durable and mold-resistant than the traditional one. Choosing to use another brand or product might affect the overall charges.

▉   The duration of the project will depend on the size of the unit and the complexity of the work, ranging from approximately 1-15 days.

▉   The overall price might be adjusted based on factors such as the brand of paint used, wall quality, presence of furniture in the unit, ceiling height, original wall colour, etc.

▉   "Removing existing paints and lime plastering" will remove the loosened lime plastering and all the applied emission paint on the wall.

▉   The straightness and softness of the resulting wall plastering will be affected by the structure of the building.

▉   An additional fee for transportation might need to apply.

Practical samples for wall renovation and painting services

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