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20190531_Fanling Government Secondary Sc
20190531_Fanling Government Secondary Sc
20191231 Painting Workshop_03
Experimenting Abstract Arts Class_201906
Experimenting Abstract Arts Class_201909
Experimenting Abstract Arts Class_201906
20190531_Fanling Government Secondary Sc
Experimenting Abstract Arts Class_201907
Experimenting Abstract Arts Class_201906
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Founded in 2017 by Hong Kong painter and art educator Fung Ming Sum, "The Painting Studio" aims to develop experimental creation, nurture new talents for painting, and enhance the artistic awareness of the public.


We offers a variety of painting courses, and services like artwork shooting and planning and implementation of art projects, trying to provide alternative art education supports to schools, organisations and students, as well as promoting contemporary painting.


Provide Extra Resources to Schools


Based on the design of our current curriculum and the constraints in school resources, it is difficult for visual art teachers in schools to analyse and process all information about modern and contemporary paintings in a limited time.  In order to make up the shortage, we try to provide art education supports to different schools and organisations, help screening appropriate teaching materials for students to understand the recent context of visual arts.

Deepen Understanding toward Painting

We try to teach students and the public about painting in different ways.  Through the practices of modern and contemporary art theories and cross-media exercises, we hope to enhance the understanding of students against the possibilities and inclusiveness of painting; through services such as artwork shooting, we hope to help artists to spread their messages of paintings to different locations.


Establish External Art Networks


In order to provide a deeper understanding of the arts industry to schools and organisations, we try to connect them with different artists and art groups, establishing external art networks.

Promote Artistic Atmosphere within Community


In addition to workshops, we will also organise or implement different art projects, exhibitions and talks. The activities will not only allow the public to understand the  value set and attitude of students, but also boost their knowledge on art appreciation, help bringing visual arts to their everyday life.

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