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Founded in 2017 by Hong Kong painter and art educator Fung Ming Sum Nathan, "The Painting Studio (繪畫藝術工作室)" aims to develop and promote painting and art in different aspects of life.  From organisations and schools to individuals, we hope to provide artistic experiences and services to fulfil our spiritual needs, and to meet the practical needs of our livelihood.

​Our studio provides a wide range of services, based on painting and art theory, to the general public, including art courses and activities, exhibition planning and execution, photography and videography, interior wall renovation and decoration, photo retouching and colorising, etc.


Develop and Promote Drawing, Painting and Other Art Form


We offers a variety of painting and drawing courses which focused on both traditional techniques and experimental attempts, providing different teaching directions according to different qualifications, interests and targets of students.  And also, we help implementing different kind of public art projects for organisation, schools and individuals.  Not only nurturing new talents and opening up the possibilities of art with students, but also trying to enhance the artistic awareness of the public. 

Believe in the Power of Drawing and Painting

Drawings and paintings can appear on diverse media in the form of artworks, and they can also exist in other forms.  In the early stage of most art creations, drawings are used as the beginning or foundation as drafts or plannings etc.  Meanwhile, paintings can further appear in different business models, helping to create various vibes and convey information.  We believe that, drawings and paintings can not only stand on their own; they can also exist as aids in numerous aspects of livelihood to promote a better life.


Penetrate Painting Techniques and Aesthetics in Many Ways


In addition to painting classes and exhibitions, we try to turn painting techniques and aesthetics into approaches to photography, filming and interior decoration, paying attention not only to colour presentation and matching, composition arrangement and variation, but also to the texture and layering of pictorial surface.  We hope that painting skills and aesthetics can be used in many ways, so that photography and filming are not just for capturing moments, design is not just commercial communication, and interior decoration is not just boring, but also can create better visual effects.

Help Boosting Appreciation and Broadening Imagination


Through different educational sessions, activities and commercial services, we hope to boost the public's artistic appreciation, and at the same time try to bring visual arts into their daily life.  In order to give the public a better understanding of the art industry, we also try to connect with different artists and art groups to help broaden their imagination of art.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us now and let us help you reaching what you're looking for.
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