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“The Painting Studio” is established in 2017 by Nathan Fung, a Hong Kong painter and art educator, aiming at developing paintings and photography, nurturing new comers, and raising the awareness of citizens toward Arts.

Nathan has been studying painting and photography since she was a child.  In 2013 and 2015 respectively, she entered the College of International Education of Hong Kong Baptist University and the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, studied visual arts in the schools, and selected courses like drawing, painting, photography and film during the academic years.


At the beginning of her studies, Nathan was exposed to various realistic drawing and painting skills as well as shooting skills of making documentaries.  Later, she began to think about the significance of these techniques in contemporary art, and started to carry out different experiments and attempts in painting and photography, in order to loosen traditional concepts and broaden the boundaries of art.  Nathan believes that art is not just a form of expression, and there is more than one method of intervention in art.


After graduation, she had became a freelancer ("Slasher"), and worked for different organisations as a visual arts teaching assistant, painting class instructor, studio photographer, cinematographer, magazine and poster designer, art project manager, etc.  Her creations have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Macau; while the films she participated in have been screened publicly in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, United States and Japan etc.  Nathan had accumulated diverse experiences in different fields and brought them into play in different media.  And since 2013, she has been recognised in different ways by getting a few scholarships, awards and fundings.


Setting up this studio, it is hoped that on the one hand, Nathan can gather the knowledge and skills she had learned in various fields to provide different types of services for the public; on the other hand, it is hoped that in different projects and works, the characteristics of different arts can be highlighted and perfected.  

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