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From 2016 to 2019, The Painting Studio had implemented the 1st OSA Award After Show, 2nd OSA Award, 2nd OSA Award After Show and 3rd OSA Award for ART-AT-ALL

About the Award

The Hong Kong Outstanding Students Artist Award (OSA Award) was established in 2015. This year is the third series of the award, with each series taking place once every two years. 


The OSA Award was founded by a diverse group of professionals in the art industry. The aim is to encourage students to develop their individuality and creativity by putting an emphasis on experimentation and the process of creating. Student portfolios are an integral part of the selection. The jury panel consists of art practitioners and educators from a variety of creative fields. 


The Student Artists Exhibition creates a platform where students from different schools are able to participate in the exchange of ideas. Eventually, this creative exchange can continue through the OSA Alumni community.

Prizes and Awards

The 1st and 2nd OSA Award had totally selected 34 outstanding student artists and 7 "Best Outstanding Student Artists".  The winners of the award had received sponsorship for a trip to Venice for the "56th Venice Biennales" and the "57th Venice Biennale” and trophies; while all the selected student artists had received certificates.  All selected student artists had been invited to join the student artists' group exhibition.  Starting from the 2nd OSA Award, all selected student artists would compete for the "Oh Sa!" Prize presented by the OSA Alumni.

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