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The idea of ​​"the personal is political" comes from the second-wave feminism, implying that things on the individual level are affected by the structure of social power, and the autonomy of the related parties is thus restricted. The campaign aims to seek equal treatment, and expand the rights of women to speak.

Decades later, because of the present power structure and various misunderstandings, our society still has many myths, prejudices or even unfairnesses towards sexual identity, gender performance and sexual orientation.

The exhibition “Sex/Gender Reinterpretation”, together with 10 artists, will respond to the current situation with paintings, writings, videos, performance art, installation art and sculptures.  From the aspects of body and personality performance, social class, erotic space, religious belief to marriage right, the artists will once again interpret “sex/gender” through their artworks, and try to question or challenge the social regulations against body and sexuality.

The exhibition will be held on March 29-31 at L1 Gallery of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre; while its opening reception will be held on March 29 at 19:00.  Apart from showcasing artworks, some artists will make live performances during the exhibition period.


Participating artists: Chan Cheuk Yan, Chan Sai Lok, Fung Ming Sum, Isaac Spellman, Lai Cing Yan Jennifer, Li Ka Man Florence, Magus@2M07, Nicole Pun, Wong Wan Yee Ann, Monique Yim

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